Targeted Career website review

Have you heard of a site called TargetedCareer?

This site says it can help you find work, but does it?

Well we tried it out for you to find out.

Here is what we found.

When you click this link it takes you to the TargetedCareer site. The first thing they ask is for the type of job you may want, and your zip code. Simple enough.

When you select the type of job you are looking for from the drop down menu and enter your zip code, hit search.

After you hit search you will be taken to the next screen. Here you enter your name, email and phone number. I entered my job search email (one I have created from google that I use for all new sites until I know they do not send spam) and a random phone number (I, and I’m sure you, do not enjoy receiving random sales calls so I do not give out this info unless I know and trust the source completely) to complete this page.

Again you are taken to another screen which asks if you would like to learn about educational opportunities. At first I was annoyed with this extra step but then I realized that maybe people who are looking for income might want some training to open up more job opportunities. No big deal, I just clicked not interested.

I found the job listings!

Now this is the meat of the site. I live in Denver and clicked that I wanted a clerical job for my first search. There are hundreds of jobs listed from real companies!

This site pulls in jobs from different sources to show you ALL of them!

I clicked on one of the jobs listed and it took me straight to the company site to apply, no hassle, no further registration needed. Someone could use this site to find a real job. I am impressed.

So the verdict? If you live in the US and are looking for additional income, this site can help. I saw part time jobs, work from home jobs, and traditional full time jobs here.

Join here today!

Be sure to check out some of our other great offerings here as well.

Good Luck!

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