Take a look at the results this free site is generating

The picture below is from a free site I use daily. They pay me $25 a week right to my Visa debit card to keep an online food diary where I simply record what I eat. I also take short surveys on the site.

VIP voice advert

At the rate I am earning from the surveys I will have earned a 55″ curved 4K TV or a similar awesome item like maybe a cruise or a pool table in just two or three months (that is not including the $25 a week I am earning from the food diary, that is just from taking surveys). My house is going to be full of great stuff in a short time and vacation will be taken care of! So far I have been getting small items frequently like Redbox rentals and song downloads and baseball caps and magazine subscriptions and a football and a digital photo frame but now I’m saving up to get something big.

This is a survey site but get this – they never disqualify you or screen you out from a survey once you are invited. They have been around a long time and did I mention it is completely free to join and use? Yes it is.

None of this is an exaggeration. It takes me about ten minutes a day to get these results. They are looking for new members from the USA and Canada age thirteen and older.

Follow this link to join and start earning too – http://www.bigcattracks.com/SHQI

About More Income, Better Lifestyle

We are husband and wife, parents of two boys. As residents of Denver CO we enjoy hiking, rockhounding, camping and generally being immersed in nature. Our blogs grow out of an enthusiastic desire to provide our family access to the best this world has to offer. We want this for you and yours as well. Paul is currently an electrician by day. He has been a handyman, author, US Army intelligence analyst, warehouse supervisor, project manager, small business owner, fence builder, printing press operator and more. Marian schools one of our boys at home by day. She teaches do it yourself crafting classes as well. She has been a pizza parlor manager, a licensed insurance agent, a leasing agent, automobile assembler and more.
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