What does the free PTC site NeoBux have to offer?

NeoBux pays out over $100,000 a day to members.

They promptly pay by PayPal or Payza with as low as a $2 minimum payout.

If you are looking to make some extra income online, especially without spending any money to do so, give NeoBux a try and you could be making money every day passively with referrals and by clicking ads.

NeoBux has a nice feature where you can rent referrals. So the idea is that if you refer someone to the site you get a portion of their click earnings. But if a member decides to sell their referrals or becomes inactive their referrals get put into a pool. Then members can rent these referrals for a period of time, earning the commission from their clicks during the rental period. In this way you can invest your earnings into more and more rentals, increasing your daily totals as you earn and grow your number of referrals earning you money every day. This is passive income and will steadily grow over time

In addition to making some money clicking on ads or making more money renting referrals to earn for you, if you have a website or offer that you might advertise on NeoBux you can do that too. Affordable targeted traffic to your website or landing page is here for the taking.

NeoBux is free to join and use with many premium features and upgrades available to make more money faster. Register to NeoBux here.

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