Welcome to Paid Surveys and More!

Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit our site!

The vision for this site is to provide current and potential online survey takers with reliable honest information. Here we want you to have access to all the best sites from across the internet. We want to help you develop strategies to maximize the returns for your time. We want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls involved in earning rewards for taking surveys online. Most importantly we want you to hear from each other.

We encourage you to get involved and help us give good advise to this community. Please comment and give us your experience and opinion of each site or strategy that is offered!

Getting started – Free Survey websites
10 of the best free sites that generate income online
5 free survey sites to make money online
9 of the best free survey sites that want members from Canada
4 of the best free survey sites for $$ in Australia

It’s all in the details – Strategies
3 simple ways to qualify for more paid surveys
2 free survey sites that never disqualify or screen out once you begin

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5 Responses to Welcome to Paid Surveys and More!

  1. Renee Kleinhans says:

    Interesting concept would like to participate in surveys but read on your post that mainly are for USA Canada UK. Would South Africa qualify?


  2. Majake Mamphofu Alina says:

    I’m a South African,I like to know whether do I qualify?


  3. claire Bottrill says:

    Would like to know more please.


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