Free sites for online income – Mintvine website review

Have you heard of MintVine?

This is an up and coming online survey site. If you fill out surveys for money on the internet, you should check them out. Here is my experience with them.

MintVine is fast becoming one of my favorite websites to do online surveys. From their registration bonus to their customer service to fast payout, I have not found much to complain about. They have a nice unique mix of earning opportunities, from local deals and free offers to funnel surveys and daily polls.

The first thing I must mention about MintVine when we go into detail is the bonus you get for registration. MintVine is a newer site so they are paying to attract new members until they get more well known. Sign up for free and fill out some short demographic profile information and you have already earned $3.50. That’s right, three dollars and fifty cents just to register. This information is current as of November 2014, I add this because it is the biggest initial amount given by any free site that I am aware of and who knows how long they can keep it up there so high.

At MintVine you earn points that you can then cash out for US dollars. One point simply equates to one penny. Minimum cash out is 1000 points, or $10. With 350 points given for registration, you are a good portion of your way to the minimum cash out before you even begin earning on the site.

Another unique section of the site gives you the opportunity to take advantage of local deals. This area links to groupon. If you know groupon, you know the deep discounts you can find. Except at MintVine you not only get the discounted deal, you get points on the site as well. What a great idea! I don’t know how they do it, but even in my small hometown of 20,000 people there are several local deals available at deep discounts.

This site also has a daily poll, available to all members as a multiple choice question. The poll is worth a quick five points and keeps you checking in every day to the site.

In the offers section there are free offers, usually software to download and install, and paid offers. The paid offers can be very lucrative, and the free offers – well they are free and still reward a decent amount of points.

The actual survey section is very nice. MintVine gives you a list of opportunities and how many points they are worth. You can take advantage of ‘funnel’ surveys as well, from outside partners that give you many more surveys to try. A great feature here is that you will get compensated even if you get screened out of the survey. It makes me want to try them all, not worried about getting disqualified.

MintVine has three options when it comes to payment. They are PayPal, Dwolla or Amazon gift card. When I requested my first cash out through PayPal it arrived in two business days as promised.

I once had a simple question for them and contacted customer support. They not only answered my questions fully and promptly, they credited my account fifty points just for engaging with them. That was so nice and gives me a strong indicator of a well run company. Overall I would highly recommend MintVine for anyone looking to make some money online doing surveys or completing offers.

Register at MintVine here.

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  1. Habib says:

    good website for online earnings.


  2. Market Exp. says:

    Excellent article about online money making


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