3 simple ways to qualify for more paid surveys

Have you tried taking paid surveys online but struggle with being disqualified from most? You are not alone but there are simple strategies that you can employ to reduce this frustration.

1) Make sure your profile information is completely filled out
When you register and join a free survey site, in most cases they will ask you to fill out details about yourself. These might be called demographic surveys, portrait surveys, or profile surveys. You can access this information under your account info.

Info that is relevant to matching you up with a survey is found here. It often includes your income bracket, your purchase habits, your family or living situation and more. When corporations want opinions they are not just looking for anyone off the street. For example, if a food manufacturer wants to know how people will react to a new design on their box they want the opinion of the primary shopper in the household. This is the person that holds the purchasing power and needs to be consulted with.

Periodically check your profile information on your active sites and make sure it is accurate. When you get asked what model and year car you have in a survey screener and your answer is inconsistent with your profile inf, chances are you just lost an opportunity to finish the survey. These companies are looking for all kinds of people but they need consistent reliable answers to trust you.

2) Do not wait to take a survey when invited
When you get an email inviting you to a survey, likely so did thousands of other people. Some of those people have a similar demographic profile to yours. When a survey is commissioned by a corporation or industry a certain mix of demographics is wanted. So if there are 1000 hispanic women between 50-65 that belong to the site and only 100 are wanted for this particular survey, then the first 100 to complete the survey get compensated. If you are number 101 or later you will be told that ‘the quota is filled’ or ‘this survey is closed’.

If you answer that invitation as soon as you can, you have greatly increased your chances of getting in before it is too late. This will be a huge boost for your bottom line while taking surveys.

3) Find another quality site to join
Survey sites are all different. Some are just not good and do not value their customer. Often these bad actor sites make you answer dozens of questions, taking you to near the end of the survey and then ‘disqualify’ you. Then they take all that information you freely gave them and sell it as market research themselves! No survey was even commissioned by an outside corporation. This site is designed to take as much info from you as they can and you are just a number to them. These are the sites that give the industry a bad name. Do you have a feeling you have fallen for this tactic? We all have at some point.

But there is good news, not all sites operate that way. There are real, reputable, honest market research companies out there that value their panelists and treat them with respect. If you feel tossed around, dump that site and never go back! Keep chugging and do not let these bad actors ruin your paid hobby. Once you ferret them out you will get so much more out of the paid survey experience.

Taking paid surveys on free websites can be a very rewarding experience. It is my sincere hope that following the tactics outlined above will increase your satisfaction and decrease the amount of wasted time while doing this. After all, our goal should be to make the most we can in as little time as we can while having fun doing it! Check out my favorite sites here and learn about two sites that never disqualify you once you are invited to a survey here. Good luck and hit the follow button on the right side to get more great tips whenever we publish a new article!

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We are husband and wife, parents of two boys. As residents of Denver CO we enjoy hiking, rockhounding, camping and generally being immersed in nature. Our blogs grow out of an enthusiastic desire to provide our family access to the best this world has to offer. We want this for you and yours as well. Paul is currently an electrician by day. He has been a handyman, author, US Army intelligence analyst, warehouse supervisor, project manager, small business owner, fence builder, printing press operator and more. Marian schools one of our boys at home by day. She teaches do it yourself crafting classes as well. She has been a pizza parlor manager, a licensed insurance agent, a leasing agent, automobile assembler and more.
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