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The vision for this site is to provide current and potential online survey takers with reliable honest information. Here we want you to have access to all the best sites from across the internet. We want to help you develop strategies to maximize the returns for your time. We want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls involved in earning rewards for taking surveys online. Most importantly we want you to hear from each other.

We encourage you to get involved and help us give good advise to this community. Please comment and give us your experience and opinion of each site or strategy that is offered!

Getting started – Free Survey websites
10 of the best free sites that generate income online
5 free survey sites to make money online
9 of the best free survey sites that want members from Canada
4 of the best free survey sites for $$ in Australia

It’s all in the details – Strategies
3 simple ways to qualify for more paid surveys
2 free survey sites that never disqualify or screen out once you begin

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6 of the best free sites that generate income online

Do you fill out surveys online? Do you take surveys for cash? Do you like to get paid for filling out internet surveys by PayPal? Do you like to get paid for filling out surveys by check? Do you like the idea of making money from home or wherever you log onto the internet in your spare time?

I have been doing surveys long enough to have seen many low quality sites, been rejected from surveys, paid to join a site and been ripped off, done surveys to never get paid for them etc. I still love surveys though and I decided to help other people to navigate beyond the bad sites to the promised land.

The sites below are all free to join and use. Most offer some bonus money just to register. Most offer payment through PayPal, the best type in my opinion. But most importantly of all, I have joined, used and successfully cashed out with all of them. So I know they are for real and can confidently promote them to you.

Look through the list and choose a few. Register, confirm and fill out the profile sections to qualify yourself for surveys. Then take some time to get to know the sites. Take the surveys you are interested in or invited to. Decline the surveys you don’t think are worth the time or seem boring. Quit the sites you do not enjoy and sign up for a new one in its place. Stay active and find your groove.

Bookmark or favorite this list. Follow this blog for more great tips and insights on how to make extra income online. Do this for yourself. Do this for your loved ones. Do this to better your financial situation and spend your time online constructively. And most importantly, have fun! If you get through this list and still want more choices, be sure to check out even more great free sites to earn online here.

– $5 minimum cash out threshold
– reward by PayPal, paper check, gift cards
– earn money to test new products
– earn money to take surveys and polls
– most surveys between $1 and $5 to complete
– members wanted from US, UK, Canada and Australia
– read a full review of Toluna before joining
– register to join Toluna here

VIP Voice
– NO minimum cash out threshold
– rewards by merchandise and gift cards
– five tier member levels, survey compensation goes up the more you do
– use points to enter sweepstakes or bid on merchandise
– once invited to a survey on VIP you will not be disqualified
– get invited to partner site surveys as well
– notifies by email of survey opportunity
– members wanted from US and Canada
– read a full review of VIP Voice here
– register to join VIP Voice here

Harris Poll Online
– $5 minimum reward
– rewards by gift card, magazine subscriptions, cash drawings, charitable donations
– get compensated even if you get screened out
– owned by The Nielson Group, the people that do tv show viewer ratings
– notifies by email of survey opportunities
– members wanted from US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and Spain
– read a full review of Harris Poll Online here
– register to join Harris Poll Online here

– NO minimum cash out threshold
– reward by paper check
– every survey worth at least $1
– high paying surveys for technical fields of expertise i.e. IT, banking, business management and many others
– notifies by email of a survey opportunity
– industry leading referral program to increase earnings if interested
– members wanted from US and Canada
– read a full review of SurveySavvy here
– Register at SurveySavvy here

– $5 minimum reward
– all ‘swagbucks’ are redeemable for PayPal deposit or retailer gift cards
– earn swagbucks from searching the net, playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers…
– Gift cards from a lot of places – facebook, walmart, target…huge selection of retailers in lots of categories
– They are giving a $5 bonus for spending $25 in their shop-and-earn area.
– members wanted from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia
– read a full review of Swagbucks here
– register to join Swagbucks here

– $15 cash out threshold
– rewards by PayPal
– guaranteed survey every day of at least $.10
– no survey over five minutes long
– choose many ways to be notified of surveys
– members wanted worldwide
-read a full review of Paidviewpoint here
– register at Paidviewpoint here

Also be sure to check out my list of 5 more free sites to generate income online here.

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Targeted Career website review

Have you heard of a site called TargetedCareer?

This site says it can help you find work, but does it?

Well we tried it out for you to find out.

Here is what we found.

When you click this link it takes you to the TargetedCareer site. The first thing they ask is for the type of job you may want, and your zip code. Simple enough.

When you select the type of job you are looking for from the drop down menu and enter your zip code, hit search.

After you hit search you will be taken to the next screen. Here you enter your name, email and phone number. I entered my job search email (one I have created from google that I use for all new sites until I know they do not send spam) and a random phone number (I, and I’m sure you, do not enjoy receiving random sales calls so I do not give out this info unless I know and trust the source completely) to complete this page.

Again you are taken to another screen which asks if you would like to learn about educational opportunities. At first I was annoyed with this extra step but then I realized that maybe people who are looking for income might want some training to open up more job opportunities. No big deal, I just clicked not interested.

I found the job listings!

Now this is the meat of the site. I live in Denver and clicked that I wanted a clerical job for my first search. There are hundreds of jobs listed from real companies!

This site pulls in jobs from different sources to show you ALL of them!

I clicked on one of the jobs listed and it took me straight to the company site to apply, no hassle, no further registration needed. Someone could use this site to find a real job. I am impressed.

So the verdict? If you live in the US and are looking for additional income, this site can help. I saw part time jobs, work from home jobs, and traditional full time jobs here.

Join here today!

Be sure to check out some of our other great offerings here as well.

Good Luck!

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Guaranteed income online with no start up cost at this site

Paidviewpoint is one of the simplest survey sites to use. Their short survey format and easy interface with the member is refreshing and makes for a pleasant experience. Can you make money with Paidviewpoint.com? Yes you can, and you certainly will if you stay active daily. The design and feel of this site is all about transperency and ease of use. Each day you get a Traits survey and get paid for it. When you get a Biz survey, you are shown what each click is worth. You are shown your TraitScore and paid accordingly. What do all these terms mean? Well they are what makes this site unique.

TraitScore – Paidviewpoint believes that a long term, reliable and trustworthy member is worth more. And they pay accordingly. Your TraitScore will start out at the bottom. For every Traits survey you fill out the consistency of your answers will be calculated. If you answer questions about yourself consistently over time, you are deemed more and more trustworthy and steady and will be rewarded with a higher TraitScore. Get that score up over 9000 and you have achieved the top 10% of Paidviewpoint members. Your goal will be to get that score up as quickly as you can, to reach the highest level of bonus money for each survey you complete. This is like getting raises as your experience and loyalty and value to the company grows. What a great concept.

Traits survey – Each day you will have the opportunity to fill out a Traits survey. You will get paid instantly for these surveys, and they are worth at least $.10 depeding on your TraitScore. As your TraitScore goes up, so does your bonus money from these surveys. As with all surveys on Paidviewpoint a Traits survey will never take more than five minutes to complete. As you go through the questions, you will see at the bottom an estimate of how much longer before you are done. When you are done, your payment details pop up and you get a thank you, as always. This company is very friendly and loves their members to know they are appreciated.

Biz survey – These surveys are in addition to your daily Traits surveys and they are where you will make the bulk of your money on this site. When you start a Biz survey, you will notice on the right side a dollar amount. Each time you answer a question and click continue you are getting paid this amount. It can make one want the survey to last longer when it’s so easy and enjoyable and you see the money building up with each quick answer! At the end of the Biz survey you will be shown your earnings with any bonuses added. The amount offered as payment for a Biz survey varies but can be well over $1 for each. You may be invited to one a week or several a day, depending on your demographics and your TraitScore. Those with higher TraitScores will be invited to surveys more often and will get more lucrative surveys than beginners to the site. The longer you are with this site the more opportunities you will have to make money.

Paidviewpoint pays by PayPal. Payments are processed by an actual person, for an extra touch of customer service, and to weed out the people with multiple accounts or those trying to scam the company with robots etc. Your payment should be prompt and free of hiden charges. Paidviewpoint requires a $15 minimum payout. You will need to provide a phone number and valid information, just as with any company you have a working relationship with.

Register at Paidviewpoint here.

Explore more paid survey sites here.

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The money I make from this free site is going to help out during the holidays!

This summer I started using a site called InstaGC. It is free to join and use. I belong to many other free sites, but I think this one is the easiest to use.

When you log into InstaGC your eye is drawn to the right side of the screen. Here is the live chat session! Any and all users of this site can freely make comments or converse with each other at any time. This is a very unique and beneficial thing to have coupled with a quality free earnings site.

When people read my blog or find my groups on Facebook, they often join a site I recommend and then ask me this question – ‘I signed up, now how do I use this site?’ but with InstaGC that rarely happens. The live chat ticker is a big reason for this. If you just follow the conversations being had between members and admins, you will gain really valuable insight into how other people are making money with this site. Members are constantly posting positive and negative reviews and advise about current offers. If there is an offer that is short, sweet and high paying members will tell each other. On the other side of the coin, if you are having trouble figuring something out on the site and mention it numerous members and/or an admin will quickly have some tips or share their experiences.

As you can see from the picture, InstaGC will pay you though PayPal, direct deposit to your bank account, or even a paper check. As their name suggests, they also offer gift cards as payment. These really come in handy for birthdays and holiday gifts. If you are feeling generous, you can donate part or all of your earnings to charity as well.

Join InstaGC now for free by following this link and see for yourself all the ways to earn money from home on your laptop or pc. For more great sites to earn income online click here and good luck!

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A free little site called Qmee is making big money for users

Qmee is FREE!

Qmee installs seamlessly into your browser.

You will not notice Qmee until you search the internet.

Just click the link provided on the left of your screen.

You just got paid!

Now cash out directly into your PayPal.

There is NO minimum cashout!

Refer your friends and earn $1 the first time they cash out!

Get started now and register with Qmee

I make money from so many different great free sites. If you are into earning a side income online at no cost, be sure to look at the best free sites to earn money online.

Also find two free survey sites that never disqualify you.

Want to learn how and why to blog? We have some tips for you.

Find out how I made $83.78 in a month from a totally free site.

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Take a look at the results this free site is generating

The picture below is from a free site I use daily. They pay me $25 a week right to my Visa debit card to keep an online food diary where I simply record what I eat. I also take short surveys on the site.

VIP voice advert

At the rate I am earning from the surveys I will have earned a 55″ curved 4K TV or a similar awesome item like maybe a cruise or a pool table in just two or three months (that is not including the $25 a week I am earning from the food diary, that is just from taking surveys). My house is going to be full of great stuff in a short time and vacation will be taken care of! So far I have been getting small items frequently like Redbox rentals and song downloads and baseball caps and magazine subscriptions and a football and a digital photo frame but now I’m saving up to get something big.

This is a survey site but get this – they never disqualify you or screen you out from a survey once you are invited. They have been around a long time and did I mention it is completely free to join and use? Yes it is.

None of this is an exaggeration. It takes me about ten minutes a day to get these results. They are looking for new members from the USA and Canada age thirteen and older.

Follow this link to join and start earning too – http://www.bigcattracks.com/SHQI

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Check out this great free site called InstaGC where people are making good money

I found this site late last year. I have a few referrals and try to click some ads a few times a week. I have redeemed $15.20 in direct deposit to my bank account and $35 in iTunes egift cards in the seven months I have been active on the site. I know I could easily make $1 a day if I spent any time on the site at all. Usually I make a push right before I get to the cash out amount but try to explore the site for opportunities at least a few times a week. Here are my stats.

InstaGC stats

InstaGC makes it very easy to navigate the site and they have a great live chat window for members going all the time on the right side of the screen. Below that is a ticker that details offers paying out to members at that moment. This is a really neat combo to talk to other users about what easy money there is on the site at that time and see the ticker to follow what offers are paying out. I have followed conversations in the chat with advise that yielded great results.

InstaGC homepage

One of the best things about InstaGC is that it is completely free to use. By not spending money on a membership to the site, I don’t have to feel bad if I neglect to visit, and I don’t feel like I absolutely have to earn a certain minimum amount on the site each day, week or month.

I make additional passive income on InstaGC by recruiting referrals to join the site. For every person you get to register to the site you earn ten cents to your account. In addition, you will earn a commission of 10% on everything that your referral earns on the site. So the member I signed up under has earned almost a dollar a month from my activities on the site. Now imagine if you have 100 or even 1000 referrals. That is a great potential passive income opportunity there. Well, InstaGC provides an easy link for just that purpose. They  want you to attract users to their site and have structured the payout this way to help keep the site growing. Share your link in Facebook groups, on Google +, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkdin, blog comments, forums, anywhere you can think of and start making serious money from referrals.

If you think you might be interested in making a little easy money or put in some time and effort to try making a substantial amount, InstaGC is worth a free look. Register here.

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What does the free PTC site NeoBux have to offer?

NeoBux pays out over $100,000 a day to members.

They promptly pay by PayPal or Payza with as low as a $2 minimum payout.

If you are looking to make some extra income online, especially without spending any money to do so, give NeoBux a try and you could be making money every day passively with referrals and by clicking ads.

NeoBux has a nice feature where you can rent referrals. So the idea is that if you refer someone to the site you get a portion of their click earnings. But if a member decides to sell their referrals or becomes inactive their referrals get put into a pool. Then members can rent these referrals for a period of time, earning the commission from their clicks during the rental period. In this way you can invest your earnings into more and more rentals, increasing your daily totals as you earn and grow your number of referrals earning you money every day. This is passive income and will steadily grow over time

In addition to making some money clicking on ads or making more money renting referrals to earn for you, if you have a website or offer that you might advertise on NeoBux you can do that too. Affordable targeted traffic to your website or landing page is here for the taking.

NeoBux is free to join and use with many premium features and upgrades available to make more money faster. Register to NeoBux here.

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How to earn income from home with a great site called Toluna

Have you heard of Toluna.com?

Toluna is an online survey site. Over 21 million people have used this website to answer surveys and test products. If you take surveys for money on your computer, this is a site you are going to want to investigate.

Toluna is free to use. They offer members paid surveys, polls and in-home product testing. This site uses a point system for rewards that can be converted to PayPal or gift cards. Basically 30 points is equivalent to one penny. So 30,000 points gets you ten dollars worth of rewards. They must have some reason to use this system instead of cash values but in the end it makes no difference. When you redeem your points they do turn into cash.

Let’s talk about product testing. This is a great feature of Toluna, since it is mostly a survey site and you rarely find a site that offers in-home testing of new products as well as surveys. Even if I did not take surveys online as a hobby, I would still join and use this feature of the site.

Every week or so you can look under the ‘Explore’ tab and click product testing. This will take you to the product testing screen where you can see any active offers and future offers. I try to visit this page often as I do not want to miss any free offers. After using this site for less than two months I actually received one product to test! I enjoyed the product (mine was worth about five dollars) and the best part is that I got paid to use it as well.

Of course Toluna’s bread and butter are their surveys. They also offer paid polls every day which I always try to click every day on any site that offers them for the free quick money.

On sites that let you search and try any survey that is open like this one does, the more you try the more you will get rejected from. If you are disqualified from a survey in most cases you still get some compensation at Toluna. This is a nice cushion that softens the blow of rejection. Toluna offers a wide variety of surveys that you can take, and they also show you which ones they recommend you try. Only doing the surveys they invite you to should really cut down on you being disqualified.

Once you have some surveys and points under your belt, check out the rewards section. This is a straightforward area of the site and most rewards are offered as retailer gift cards. If you want a PayPal deposit or paper check those are available too. Choose from iTunes, Best Buy, Facebook, Redbox and many more for the gift cards.

I have always gotten prompt payment from Toluna. I usually get the $20 PayPal deposit and have also tried the $10 iTunes credit. Both were delivered without a hitch.

Toluna is overall a very well run site. They have found a good balance between offering many surveys and narrowing it down for people. They are free to join and use, so even if you are just registering for the weekly paid product testing it is worth it. They pay in all the common ways. They have a great reputation in the industry and have been around a long time.

Toluna has a sister site as well. They own and run the VIP Voice survey site. They are both owned by The Toluna Group with US headquarters in Dallas and based out of Paris France.

Sign up here.

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Ipsos i-Say Panel free income site review

Ipsos i-Say has been around since 1974. They are one of the worlds largest online market research companies. Ipsos conducts over 6 million surveys annually in more than 100 countries and currently ranks third in the world among research firms.

If you are looking to make some extra income online or want another free survey site to join, take a look at Ipsos i-Say. This company offers a variety of rewards, low cash out minimums and a great reputation.

When taking surveys with Ipsos i-Say, you can redeem your rewards for as little as $10. They will pay into PayPal, iTunes or Amazon gift cards, Visa prepaid cards, sweepstakes entries or even a charitable donation.

Ipsos i-Say offers many options for generating income through their site. These include online surveys, online focus groups, product testing, mobile surveys and webcam surveys.

Ipsos i-Say is free to join and use. To register click here

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10 of the best free sites that generate income online

Paid surveys and more

Do you fill out surveys online? Do you take surveys for cash? Do you like to get paid for filling out internet surveys by PayPal? Do you like to get paid for filling out surveys by check? Do you like the idea of making money from home or wherever you log onto the internet in your spare time?

I have been doing surveys long enough to have seen many low quality sites, been rejected from surveys, paid to join a site and been ripped off, done surveys to never get paid for them etc. I still love surveys though and I decided to help other people to navigate beyond the bad sites to the promised land.

The sites below are all free to join and use. Most offer some bonus money just to register. Most offer payment through PayPal, the best type in my opinion. But most importantly of all…

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